OEM Modules

nanoplus develops customized OEM modules on request. Based on our long standing experience in the gas sensing business, we offer R&D services for OEM customers. Please have a look at the OEM modules we have developed so far. Contact us to discuss your project.

Key Features of customized OEM modules

Take advantage of our tailor-made sub-systems and profit from:

  • our versatile high throughput alignment and positioning systems
  • reduced time to market
  • our experienced optical designers

Please ask us for solving your problem. We are already working on the design of new sub-systems.

Customized OEM modules

As we cannot show the final modules of our customers, the products below are to give you an idea of possible projects.

Compact Collimation Module

Point Gas Module

Fiber Port Module

High-end collimation

Most spectroscopic applications require a collimated laser beam. The compact collimation module for OEM applications provides:

  • defined focal length
  • precisely defined pointing direction
  • fast temperature control by TEC and thermistor
  • sealed laser set up
Figure 1: nanoplus compact collimation module
nanoplus compact collimation module
Figure 2: nanoplus compact collimation module with integrated heatsink and lens
nanoplus compact collimation module with heatsink and lens

The compact collimation module allows accurate positioning of the emission spot over large distances. Install the sub-system in your set up without further optical alignment.

For further information, please refer to the data sheet for the compact collimation module.

Low-cost point gas module

Electrochemical point gas sensors are prone to failure. They are little selective and run the risk of being poisoned by other gases. TDLAS sensors solve this problem. The nanoplus point gas module for OEM applications is a compact device that combines

  • laser and photo diode
  • compact set up
  • competitive pricing
Figure 3: nanoplus point gas module
nanoplus point gas module

Let us know which trace gas you wish to detect. Further sensors are available upon request. We offer attractive pricing at high volumes.

High stability fiber port

Coupling light into a fiber is a challenging task; especially if good coupling efficiency and mechanical stability are required. The nanoplus high stability OEM fiber port combines:

  • excellent coupling efficiency (> 40 %)
  • mechanical robustness
  • low cost of ownership
  • extreme stability
Figure 4: Drawing of nanoplus high stability OEM fiber port
nanoplus high stability fiber port

The high stability fiber port is specialized for medical and automotive applications.

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