Lithography & Nanostructures

E-Beam lithography

  • state of the art 100 keV high resolution electron beam lithography system with high resolution laser inferometer stage
  • nanometer precise patterns over large areas
  • precision marks for exact positioning
  • patterning of distributed feedback grating for single mode lasers
  • micro- and nanostructures with dimensions down to 10 nm on wafer-like substrates with diameters up to 6"
nanoplus electron beam lithography
nanoplus electron beam lithography
Figure 2: nanoplus FEM photograph of E-Beam lithography
nanoplus FEM photograph of E-Beam lithography

Nanostructure development

We offer tailor made nanostructures for your successful research and development, using a wide range of technologies including

  • molecular beam epitaxy of quantum well or quantum dot structures
  • electron beam lithography
  • dry etching
  • metallization, insulation and planarization

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