Applications by Gas

Gases in TDLAS

nanoplus lasers detect any gas with absorption features in the 760 nm to 14000 nm range. A number of those gases are of special interest to the gas sensing industry. We collected them in our list of gases.

You may use lasers at several wavelengths to monitor each gas. To ensure best measurement results, please click on the respective gas to compare the specifications of suitable wavelengths.

H2O –  Water Vapour
CO2 –  Carbon Dioxide
CO –  Carbon Monoxide
CH4 – Methane
O2 –  Oxygen
C2H2 –  Acetylene
CH2O –  Formaldehyde
H2S –  Hydrogen Sulfide
HCl –  Hydrogen Chloride
NH3 –  Ammonium
NOx –  Nitrogen Oxide
SO2 –  Sulfur Dioxide
HF - Hydrogen Fluoride
C2H6 - Ethane

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