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Carbon Dioxide (CO2)


Carbon Dioxide

Major Applications

nanoplus lasers detect carbon dioxide detection in numerous applications, such as in quality control for natural gas, pipelines for climate , breath gas analysis ,monitoring or combustion control, steel production as well as for isotope detection on Mars with the NASA's Curiosity Rover.

Tunable diode laser spectroscopy allows measuring CO2 with up to ppb precision in real time and in situ. Providing long-term stability and requiring little maintenance, nanoplus lasers are suitable for operation in harsh environments.

Which absorption line is the perfect one for your application?

Typical Wavelengths

Select your target wavelength

nanoplus offers various wavelengths to target the vibrational-rotational bands of carbon dioxide . Select the target wavelength that fits your application best.

The literature recommends several options. They are illustrated in the graphic on the right, which shows the relative intensities of the possible absorption lines. To define the most suitable CO2  wavelength for your application, you may have a look at our literature recommendations below or refer to the HITRAN database from the Smithsonian Institute.

We present the most common Distributed Feedback lasers for CO2 detection below. Learn more about their specifications.

Factors which you should consider in your setup

Above wavelengths as well as further customized wavelengths for carbon dioxide detection are available from nanoplus.

When you choose your wavelength, you have to consider your product set up, environment and nature of the measurement.

These factors influence the optimum wavelength for your application. Do have a look at the Hitran Database to further evaluate your choice of wavelengths. Our application experts are equally happy to discuss with you the most suitable wavelength for your application.

Let us know the wavelength you require with an accuracy of 0.1 nm!

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Further Reading

Applications & Papers

We compiled several papers on carbon dioxide detection based on tunable diode laser absorption spectroscopy. Refer to below literature list to read more or select your paper by application.

Papers & Links
CO2 & H2O
Isotope detection by NASA Mars Rover Curiosity: CO2 and H2O

NASA’s flagship Rover Curiosity detects CO2 and H2O isotopes based on their tunable laser spectrometer SAM. The analysis of soil samples is to determine whether Mars is or has been a suitable living environment. We are proud that the instrument uses a 2.78 µm nanoplus laser for this measurement.

[ 115 , 25 ]
Emission control of exhaust fumes: CO2

Remote sensing technologies identify unclean vehicles on the road. They help to control traffic-generated carbon dioxide emissions.

[ 115 ]
CO2 & NOx
Emission control of exhaust fumes: CO2 and NOx

Guided by environmental policies, the automobile industry is concerned to reduce the carbon footprint of vehicles. Automotive suppliers develop innovative combustion engines to control CO2 and NOx concentration in exhaust fumes.

[ 115 ]
Monitoring of breath gas: CO2

Helicobacter pylori bacteria cause stomach ulcer. Breath analysis diagnoses such an infection in a non-invasive way replacing disagreeable gastroscopies. It uses the CO2 concentration in exhaled breath as a biomarker.

[ 186 , 172 , 171 , 115 , 88 , 9 ]
Surveillance of volcanic activities: CO2

Early warning systems for volcanic eruptions continuously monitor CO2 by TDLS, as it is an abundant volcanic gas.

[ 115 ]
Emission control of greenhouse gases: CO2

Environmental policies have been implemented worldwide to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency, human activities account for more than three quarters of CO2 emissions. They are mainly due to the combustion of fossil fuels for energy generation, transportation and industry. Remote sensing technologies have been introduced to quantify CO2 and CO emissions in atmosphere.

[ 178 , 115 , 105 , 93 ]
Quality control in natural gas pipelines: CO2

CO2 is a natural diluent in oil and gas deposits. When it reacts with H2S and H2O steel pipelines corrode. Real-time monitoring of CO2 at natural gas custody transfer points is necessary to avoid contaminated gas from flowing downstream. Immediate measures may be taken to purify the natural gas.

[ 115 ]
CO2 & CH4
Combustion control in high temperature processes: CO2 and CH4

Continuous monitoring of contents like CO2 or CH4 concentrations is essential for the efficiency of high-temperature processes in e. g. incinerators, furnaces or petrochemical refineries. Managing the CO2 content in combustion processes simultaneously reduces greenhouse gas emissions. This is also relevant for energy generating industries like coal burning power plants.

[ 154 , 124 , 121 , 115 , 112 , 111 , 96 , 94 , 62 , 45 , 40 , 35 , 12 ]
Papers & Links
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