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Distributed Feedback Laser

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Key features & Technology

Key features
  • monomode
  • continuous wave
  • room temperature
  • tunable
  • custom wavelengths
nanoplus Distributed Feedback Laser
nanoplus sets the standard for DFB laser technology. For more than 20 years, nanoplus has been the technology leader for ultra-precise distributed feedback lasers. They are used for high-performance gas sensing applying tunable diode laser spectroscopy. nanoplus lasers operate reliably in more than 50,000 installations worldwide. Applications include power plants, gas pipelines and emission control systems as well as airborne and satellite applications. Visit our applications section for detailed descriptions of the use of nanoplus distributed feedback lasers.


nanoplus uses a unique and patented technology for DFB laser manufacturing. We apply a lateral metal grating along the ridge waveguide, which is independent of the material system and provides single mode emission with superb optical properties. Read more about our patented distributed feedback technology.

nanoplus DFB laser concept

Schematic design of a laterally coupled DFB laser diode and electron micrograph of a metal grating DFB structure defined by E-Beam lithography

Schematic DFB

Schematic of nanoplus Distributed Feedback Laser with spectrum

nanoplus DFB lateral grating illustration

Overgrowth-free processing of Distributed Feedback Laser

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  • Select your distributed feedback laser at any wavelength between 760 nm and 14000 nm.
  • Define the wavelength with 0.1 nm precision.
  • Check the typical specifications by choosing the matching wavelength class below.
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Improve your measurement results & profit from
Customized Packages

nanoplus offers multiple free space, fiber coupled an OEM packages as well as several accessories for simplifying their installation.

Customized Wavelengths

nanoplus offers any wavelength between 760 nm and 14 µm with 0.1 nm precision based on our unique DFB laser concept.

Vertical integration

nanoplus is a fully verticall integrated company. We control the entire process chain from design to packaging.

Customized specifications

Nearly 80 % of our lasers are custom-made. Do you require particular specifications? Let us know your needs.

Take your measurements to the next level

  • stable longitudinal and transversal single mode emission
  • precise selection of target wavelength
  • narrow laser linewidth
  • mode-hop-free wavelength tunability
  • fast wavelength tuning
  • typically > 5 mW output power
  • small size
  • easy usability
  • high efficiency
  • long-term stability
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Product Brief

SpectroNet Photonics & Machine Vision Web Pitches 03/2020

DFB Laser Technology in the near and mid infrared for high-sensitivity gas sensing applications

Product Brief Distributed Feedback Laser

Watch a brief introduction into nanoplus Distributed Feedback Lasers.

More information

Learn more about typical applications of Distributed Feedback lasers and find many references in our literature section.

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