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We believe in strong partnerships

Industry & Research Cooperations

German and European Technology Development Projects

nanoplus values the collaboration and know-how exchange with German and European partners from industry and research. These cooperations aim at developing pioneer products and technologies for laser-based gas sensing.

We regularly participate in projects supported by the European Union, the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF), the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi), as well as of the Bavarian Ministry of Economic Affairs and Media, Energy and Technology (StMWi).

European Union

The following projects have received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme:


PHOTONFOOD Flexible mid-infrared photonic solutions for rapid farm-to-fork sensing of food contaminants
(grant agreement no. 101016444)
PASSEPARTOUT Photonic accurate and portable sensor systems exploiting photo-acoustic and photo-thermal based spectroscopy for real-time outdoor air pollution monitoring
(grant agreement no. 101016956)

Infrared photonics devices fabrication for chemical sensing and spectroscopic applications
(grant agreement no. 688265), watch the interview with Dr. Johannes Koeth for more information

MIRACLE Mid-infrared arthroscopy innovative imaging system for real-time clinical in depth examination and diagnosis of degenerative joint diseases
(grant agreement no. 780598)
iCspec In-line cascade laser spectrometer for process control
(grant agreement no. 636930)


The following projects have received funding from the European Union's FP7 research and innovation programme:


Widelase Monolithic widely tunable interband cascade lasers for safety and security
(grant agreement no. 318798)
Charming Components for highly advanced time-resolved fluorescence microscopy based on nonlinear glass fibres
(grant agreement no. 288786)
SensHy Photonic sensing of hydrocarbons based on innovative mid infrared lasers
(grant agreement no. 223998)

Development of neonate bedside lung monitoring sensor based on diode laser spectroscopy
(grant agreement no. 01QE1534)

Federal Ministry of Education and Research
HISens Highly sensitive infrared sensors on the basis of cascaded type II semiconductor superlattices
HIRT Highly sensitive infrared detectors on the basis of resonance tunnel diodes with semiconductors of small band gap (grant agreement no. 13XP5003A)
µPASII Miniaturized photo acoustics gas sensors for applications to increase the efficiency of combustion pocesses and for energy transport processes (grant agreement no. 03ET1317C)
LASELO Laser spectroscopic sensor systems for the analysis of air pollution and optimization of combustion processes (grant agreement no. 13N13772)


Advanced photonic sensor materials (grant agreement no. 13N13083)

GESNAPHOTO Nano-Structured GeSn Coatings for Photonics (grant agreement no. 13N14160)
Atmo-Sense Novel portable, ultra-sensitive, fast and rugged trace gas sensor for atmospheric research based on photothermal interferometry (grant agreement no. 13N14702)
ILLIAS Injection locked (mutually coupled) Mid-infrared Interband Cascade Laser based gas sensor (grant agreement no. 13N14730)
BreathSens Breath gas analytics for metabolism anomalies (grant agreement no. 13GW0325B)
Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy
Inspired InSb-photodiodes as infrared electro-optical detectors
(grant agreement no. KF3256001AB3)

Extremely low-noise infrared laser modules for gas sensing applications
(grant agreement no. EP140528)

O2Ergo Oxygen measurement for ergospirometry (grant agreement no. ZU4367203TS8)
MARS Molded Anti-Reflex Structures (grant agreement no. ZF4367202GM7)
Bavarian Ministry of Economic Affairs and Media, Energy and Technology

Flow sensor for performance diagnosis with optical respiratory monitoring of CO2 and O2
(grant agreement no. BAY185/002)


System for in-situ control of combustion processes via laser based detection of water vapour and oxygen (grant agreement no. ESB-1508-0004)

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Passepartout - Photonic Sensors for Pollution Monitoring

As a member of the EU PASSEPARTOUT project nanoplus Nanosystems and Technologies GmbH proudly contributes its expertise in designing mid-infrared lasers to help realize new smart photonic sensors for pollution monitoring.

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