SpectroNet Photonics & Machine Vision Web Pitches 03/2020

DFB Laser Technology in the near and mid infrared for high-sensitivity gas sensing applications

EPIC Online Technology Meeting on Environmental Monitoring

Air pollution control remains a societal challenge. This meeting will review the supply chain opportunities in the different technologies employed for environmental monitoring such as hyperspectral imaging, LIDAR, Mid-IR sensors and Raman spectroscopy.

EPIC Online Technology Meeting on Mid-IR Photonics

Mid-IR technologies find applications in different markets such as healthcare, communications, environmental, security and industry. This meeting will discuss the current and future applications with special focus on connecting the manufacturing supply chain.

Interview with Dr. Johannes Koeth on MIRPHAB project

MIRPHAB - Mid infrared photonics devices fabrication for chemical sensing and spectroscopic applications - Leveraging European leadership to tackle mid-size and mass markets

Application of nanoplus lasers - US Driver Alcohol Detection System for Safety (DADSS)

The DADSS Research Programm gives an update on the technologies and challenges of the alcohol detection system. nanoplus designs lasers for the touch-based alcohol sensor of the project.

nanoplus corporate film

Take a virtual tour of nanoplus

nanoplus ICL introduction

Introduction into nanoplus DFB Interband Cascade Lasers for Tunable Diode Laser Absorption Spectroscopy (English)

nanoplus wins Prism Award

From the award ceremony at Photonics West 2012, nanoplus accepts the Prism Award in the green photonics and sustainble energy category for their DFB laser at 3 µm. Michael Lebby, GM and CTO of Translucent presented the award.

Application of nanoplus lasers - alcohol sensor

Remote alcohol sensor of Airoptic - Real Time Gas Analyzers measures alcohol content in passenger cabin with nanoplus DFB Interband Cascade Laser (German)

Application of nanoplus lasers - NASA Mars Rover Curiosity

TDLS instrument of NASA Mars Rover Curiosity analyses CO2 and H2O with nanoplus DFB laser diode (German)

nanoplus Meiningen

Take a virtual tour of our nanoplus facility in Meiningen (German)

nanoplus TDLAS demonstrator

Demo analyzer for H2O and CO2 detection in breath gas