nanoplus lasers at wavelengths from the visible to MIR spectral range can be used in a wide variety of biological and biotechnological applications including

  • flow cytometry
  • optogenetics
  • microscopy

Non-destructive food quality control is another application area, i.e. to monitor the atmosphere in which food is stored or the shelf life of soft drinks.

Other bio- applications include environmental biotechnology for the detection of dangerous gases emanating from wastes during deposition and clean up-processes.

Applications of nanoplus lasers in biology and biotechnology include:

Monitoring of breath gas: C2H6 and C2H2
Medical breath analysis considers ethane and acetylene as a biomarkers for asthma, schizophrenia or lung cancer. The research field of breath analysis uses methane as a biomarker for intestinal problems. [10]

Chemical sensing using surface plasmon polariton:
A 3.6 µm ICL is used to enhance the reading of the surface plasmon polariton effect. [83]

Atmosphere in plastic packaged food

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