The following list presents various application samples for tunable diode laser spectroscopy in space. Please click on the numbers in brackets to refer to the respective papers from our literature list.

Isotope detection by NASA Mars Rover Curiosity: CO2 and H2O
NASA’s flagship Rover Curiosity detects CO2 and H2O isotopes based on their tunable laser spectrometer SAM. The analysis of soil samples is to determine whether Mars is or has been a suitable living environment. We are proud that the instrument uses a 2.78 µm nanoplus laser for this measurement. [25, 116]

Search for Exoplanets:
The search for life on planets in our galaxy claims highest requirements on the instruments used [39]. DFB lasers are used e.g. in the calibration module for SPHERE [66].

Explosion detection on space ships:
Future space ships will be equipped with a kind of ejector seat. Extremely fast and selective explosion detection is required to be quick enough to save the lives of the astronauts.

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