We compiled a number of papers that provide detailed information on nanoplus lasers, TDLAS applications and technology. The numbering of the papers is at random. Please refer to the menu items products, applications and technology for selected literature recommendations. Further literature is available in Dr. Koeth's personal list of publications.

If you published a paper with one of our lasers, let us know. We will be happy to include it in our literature list.

#2 Advanced Gas Sensing Applications Above 3 µm with DFB Laser Diodes;
L. Naehle, L. Hildebrandt, M. Fischer, J. Koeth, Gases & Instrumentation, March/April 2012, pp. 25-28.

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#8 ICLs open opportuneties for mid-IR seinsing;
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A. Farooq,  J.B. Jeffries, R.K. Hanson, Appl. Phys. B 90, 2008, pp. 619-628.

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#14 Evaluation of the Radiation Hardness of GaSbbased Laser Diodes for Space Applications;
I. Esquivias, J.M.G. Tijero, J. Barbero, D. Lopez, M. Fischer, K. Roessner, J. Koeth, RADECS Proceedings 2011, pp. 349-352.

#15 Scanned-wavelength-modulation spectroscopy near 2.5 µm for H2O and temperature in a hydrocarbon-fueled scramjet combustor;
C. S. Goldenstein, I. A. Schultz, R. M. Spearrin, J. B. Jeffries, R.K. Hanson, Appl. Phys. B, 116, 3, Sept 2014, pp 717-727.

#16 Diode laser measurements of linestrength and temperature-dependent lineshape parameters of H2O-, CO2-, and N2-perturbed H2O transitions near 2474 and 2482 nm;
C.S. Goldenstein, J.B. Jeffries, R.K. Hanson, J. of Quantitative Spectr. & Radiative Transfer 130, 2013, pp. 100–111.

#17 Wavelength-modulation spectroscopy near 2.5 µm for H2O and temperature in high-pressure and -temperature gases;
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#18 Monomode Interband Cascade Lasers at 5.2 µm for Nitric Oxide Sensing;
M. von Edlinger, J. Scheuermann, R. Weih, C. Zimmermann, L. Naehle, M. Fischer, J. Koeth, IEEE Phot. Tech. Lett., 26, 5, 2014, pp. 480-482.

#19 Measurements of Mars Methane at Gale Crater by the SAM Tunable Laser Spectrometer on the Curiosity Rover;
C.R. Webster, P.R. Mahaffy, S.K. Atreya, G.J. Flesch, K.A. Farley, 44th Lunar and Planetary Science Conference, March 18-22, 2013, LPI Contribution No. 1719, p.1366.

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R. Weih, M. Kamp, S. Hoefling, Appl. Phys. Lett., 102, 2013, pp. 231123-231123-4.

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A. Farooq, J.B Jeffries, R.K Hanson, Meas. Sci. Technol., 19, 2008, 075604, pp. 11.

#29 Detection of Methane Isotopologues – cw-OPO vs. DFB Diode Laser;
M. Wolff, S. Rhein, H. Bruhns, J. Koeth, L. Hildebrandt, P. Fuchs, 16th International Conference on Photoacoustic and Photothermal Phenomena.

#30 Kalman filtering real-time measurements of H2O isotopologue ratios by laser absorption spectroscopy at 2.73 µm;
T. Wu, W. Chen, E. Kerstel, E. Fertein, X. Gao, J. Koeth, Karl Roessner, D. Brueckner, Opt. Lett., 35, 5, 2010, pp. 634.636.

#31 QCL based NO Detection;
M. Wolff, J. Koeth, L. Hildebrandt, P. Fuchs; 16th International Conference on Photoacoustic and Photothermal Phenomena.

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#34 High power pulsed 976 nm DFB laser diodes;
W. Zeller, M. Kamp, J. Koeth, L. Worschech, Proc. SPIE 7682, Photonic Microdevices/Microstructures for Sensing II, 76820T, 2010.

#35 TDLAS-based sensors for in situ measurement of syngas composition in a pressurized, oxygen-blown, entrained flow coal gasifier;
R. Sur, K. Sun, J.B. Jeffries, R.K. Hanson, R.J. Pummill, T. Waind, D.R. Wagner, K.J. Whitty, Appl. Phys. B, 116, 1, 2014, pp. 33-42.

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#38 Monolithic widely tunable laser diodes for gas sensing at 2100 nm;
N. Koslowski, A. Heger, K. Roesner, M. Legge, L. Hildebrandt, J. Koeth, Proc. SPIE 8640, Novel In-Plane Semiconductor Lasers XII, 2013, 864008.

#39 The nulltimate test bench: achromatic phase shifters for nulling interferometry;
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#41 All-fiber, wavelength and repetition-rate tunable, ultrafast pulse generation in the 2.0 μm region without mode-locking;
M. E. Durst and J. van Howe, Journal of lightwave technology, Vol. 31, No. 23, Dec. 1st, 2013, pp. 3714-3718.

#42 Line shapes of near-infrared DFB and VCSEL diode lasers under the influence of system back reflections;
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#43 Chemical analysis of surgical smoke by infrared laser spectroscopy;
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#44 High sensitivity Faraday rotation spectrometer for hydroxyl radical detection at 2.8 µm;
W. Zhao, G. Wysocki, W. Chen, W. Zhang, Appl. Phys. B, 109, 3, Nov. 2012, pp. 511-519.

#45 Measurements of CO2 in a multipass cell and in a hollow-core photonic bandgap fiber at 2 µm;
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#46 TDLAS-based open-path laser hygrometer using simple reflective foils as scattering targets;
A. Seidel, S. Wagner, V. Ebert, Appl. Phys. B, 109, 3, Nov. 2012, pp. 497-504.

#47 High-speed tunable diode laser absorption spectroscopy for sampling-free in-cylinder water vapor concentration measurements in an optical IC engine;
O. Witzel, A. Klein, S. Wagner, C. Meffert, C. Schulz, V. Ebert, Appl. Phys. B, 109, 3, Nov. 2012, pp. 521-532.

#48 Absolute, spatially resolved, in situ CO profiles in atmospheric laminar counter-flow diffusion flames using 2.3 µm TDLAS;
S. Wagner, M. Klein, T. Kathrotia, U. Riedel, T. Kissel, A. Dreizler, V. Ebert, Appl. Phys. B, 109, 3, Nov. 2012, pp. 533-540.

#49 Spectroscopic monitoring of NO traces in plants and human breath: applications and perspectives;
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J. J. Scherer, J. B. Paul, H. J. Jost, Marc L. Fischer, Appl. Phys. B, 109, 3, Nov. 2012, pp. 271-277.

#51 Noninvasive monitoring of gas in the lungs and intestines of newborn infants using diode lasers: feasibility study;
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#53 CW DFB RT diode laser-based sensor for trace-gas detection of ethane using a novel compact multipass gas absorption cell;
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#54 Demonstration of the self-mixing effect in interband cascade lasers;
K. Bertling, Y.L. Lim, T. Taimre, D. Indjin, P. Dean, R. Weih, S. Hoefling, M. Kamp, M. von Edlinger, J. Koeth, A.D. Rakic, Appl. Phys. Lett., 103, 2013, 231107.

#55 Photonic Crystal Laser Based Gas Sensor;
M. Wolff, H. Bruhns, J. Koeth, W. Zeller, L. Naehle, Chapter 4 in "Optical Sensors - New Developments and Practical Applications", book edited by M. Yasin, S.W. Harun, H. Arof, ISBN 978-953-51-1233-4, March 19, 2014.

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#66 The Performance of the calibration mudule for SPHERE;
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#67 New Opportunities in Mid-Infrared Emission Control;
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#68 Field laser applications in industry and research;
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#69 A quartz-enhanced photoacoustic sensor for H2S trace-gas detection at 2.6µm;
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#81 Dynamic spectral characteristics measurement of DFB interband cascade laser under
injection current tuning
Z. Du, G. Luo, Y. An, J. Li, Appl. Phys. Lett. 109, 2016, 011903.

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#102 Laser detection;

L. Hildebrandt, Hydrocarbon Engineering, Feb. 2018

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