MIR LED 3 - 6 µm

nanoplus Mid-Infrared LED technology

nanoplus introduces continuous-wave MIR LEDs (also known as ICLEDs) at customized wavelengths. Select any wavelength between 2800 nm and 6500 nm. The substrate-side-emitting devices display higher wall-plug efficiencies and maximum output powers > 1mW than previous MIR LEDs operating in continuous wave at room temperature. Operation in pulsed mode is, as well, possible, for low power consumption. nanoplus MIR LEDs are broadband, incoherent and cost-effective alternatives to lasers for many gas sensing applications in industry and research.

Your Mid-Infrared LED requirement

  • Select your MIR LED at any wavelength between 2800 nm and 6500 nm.
  • Define your wavelength with +/- 100 nm precision.
  • Check the typical specifications by choosing the matching wavelength class below.

Wavelength Coverage of nanoplus Mid-Infrared LEDs

nanoplus Mid-Infrared LEDs are available in the entire spectral range from 2800 nm to 6500 nm. The above diagram shows the spectral intensity of nanoplus MIR LEDs at various target wavelengths.

nanoplus Standard Mid-Infrared LEDs

nanoplus Top Wavelengths of Mid-Infrared LEDs

Please contact us for specifications.

Product brief

Watch the brief introduction to nanoplus Mid-Infrared LEDs by Dr. Lars Hildebrandt, Divisional Director Sales & Marketing at nanoplus.

Dr. Lars Hildebrandt gives a presentation on the new nanoplus Mid-Infrared LEDs at the EPIC Members New Product Release on 2 March 2021.

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