Packaging Options

nanoplus DFB and FP lasers are available in a variety of packages. Select your package according to your needs. Please click on the package types for detailed information on dimensions and pin assignments. Pros and cons are written below the mounts. Further mounting options are available on request.

Product Brief

Watch the brief introduction to the various nanoplus packaging options, presented by Dr. Lars Hildebrandt, Divisional Director Sales & Marketing at nanoplus.

nanoplus mountings & accessories

Free space

Fiber coupled


Collimation & Accessories

PackageTO5- our workhorseTO66 - our workhorse for ICLsTO5.6 - the absolute basic
TO5 headerTO66 headerTO56 header
availability760 nm - 3000 nm3000 nm - 6000 nm760 nm - 3000 nm
TEC+ integrated TEC+ integrated large TEC- no TEC
NTC+ integrated NTC+ integrated NTC- no NTC
cap+ AR coated cap (optional)+ AR coated cap (optional)- uncoated cap (optional)
window+ AR coated window (optional)+ AR coated window (optional)- uncoated window (optional)
plug&play- collimation required- collimation required- collimation required
size+ small footprint+ small footprint+ small footprint
costs+ low cost+ low cost+ low cost
drawingdrawing of TO5 headerdrawing of TO66 headerdrawing of TO56 header
PackageSM-BTF -
our fiber coupled workhorse
high-end fiber coupling
butterfly package with single mode fiberbutterfly package with polarization maintaining fiber
availability760 nm - 2360 nm1064 nm - 2050 nm
TEC+ integrated TEC+ integrated TEC
NTC+ integrated NTC+ integrated NTC
fiber+ single mode fiber+ polarization maintaining fiber
plug & play+ fiber coupled beam+ fiber coupled beam
size- large footprint- large footprint
costs- higher costs than free space- higher costs than free space
drawingdrawing of BTF-SMdrawing of BTF-PM
Packagec-mount - basic OEM integrationchip on heatspreader - high-end OEM integration
c-mountnanoplus chip on heatspreader
availability760 nm - 3000 nm760 nm - 6000 nm
TEC- no TEC-  no TEC
NTC- no  NTC+ integrated NTC
plug & play-  collimation required-  collimation required
size+ small footprint+ smallest footprint
costs+ low cost+ low cost
drawingdrawing of c-mountdrawing of chip on heatspreader
Further high-end OEM platforms are available on request.


Use our lasers with a heatsink for better thermal control and wavelength stability. Our TO- and fiber coupled packages are compatible with any standard heatsink.

Specific nanoplus heatsinks facilitate the installation of our TO5 and TO66 workhorses. Please check their advantages below. OEM customers might wish to have a look at our OEM module section for special solutions.

PackageLens on CapHeatsink for TO5 / TO66Heatsink for TO5 with collimation
Lens on capTO5 heatsinkTO5 heatsink with collimation
availability1850 nm - 6500 nm760 nm - 6500 nm760 nm - 1850 nm
heat distributionnone, use separate heatsinkwarrantedwarranted
connectorsTO66 connectors only

for laser diode driver
& temperature controller

for laser diode driver
& temperature controller
postsnone, use separate heatsinkM6 thread for optical tableM6 thread for optical table
cage systemnone, use separate heatsinkstandardstandard
collimationhigh-end collimation with
θ < 4 mrad
nonecollimation with up to 40 % power loss
drawingdrawing Lens on Capdrawing TO5 / TO66 heatsinkemail us for detailed information


Please let us know, if you require a socket for your laser. Sockets are available for any TO mount.

TO5 socketTO66 socketTO5.6 socket
nanoplus socket for TO5nanoplus socket for TO66

nanoplus socket for TO56

Click here for a list of compatible sockets from Andon Electronics.


All our TO headers are available

  • without cap: not recommended
  • with cap without window: mechanical protection of laser chip, e. g. during installation in setup
  • with cap with window: mechanical protection of laser chip, e. g. during installation in setup, hermetically sealed capsule, protection of laser chip from dust, water vapour, oxygen and other harmful impacts

For our TO5 and TO66 workhorses, we offer

  • caps with black interior coating and antireflection coated windows: minimization of back reflection of the window, optimized antireflection coating for each wavelength
TO5 capTO66 capTO5.6 cap

Internal photodiode

For many wavelengths we offer an internal photodiode. Please ask us for this option.

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