DFB Lasers

nanoplus DFB laser technology

nanoplus sets the standard for DFB laser technology. Since more than 20 years, nanoplus has been the technology leader for ultra-precise distributed feedback lasers. They are used for high performance gas sensing applying tunable diode laser spectroscopy.

Our single mode lasers are based on a unique and internationally patented metal grating approach. These DFB lasers in the near and mid infrared provide single mode emission with superb optical properties. Read more about nanoplus DFB technology.

nanoplus lasers operate reliably in more than 30,000 installations worldwide. Applications include power plants, gas pipelines and emission control systems as well as airborne and satellite applications. Visit our applications section for detailled descriptions of the use of nanoplus DFB lasers.

Your DFB laser requirement

  • Select your DFB laser at any wavelength between 760 nm and 14000 nm.
  • Define the wavelength with 0.1 nm precision.
  • Check the typical specifications by choosing the matching wavelength class below.

nanoplus DFB interband cascade lasers

nanoplus DFB quantum cascade lasers

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